This document describes how to prepare your XCode project to be aligned with the project structure defined for MiOS Infrastructure.

MiOS Project Structure

The folder structure on your local filesystem has to be the following:

    |-- project-root
      |-- src
      |  |-- xcode                              The "xcode" folder contains the whole XCode project. Copy your project here.
      |     |-- MyNewProject
      |        |-- <sources>, ...
      |     |-- MyNewProject.xcodeproj
      |     |-- MyNewProjectTests
      |        |-- <sources>, ...
      |      .....
      |-- pom.xml                               The pom.xml has to be created on the same level as the "src" folder

Note: It is not possible to have multiple XCode projects in one "src/xcode" folder.
Module builds are allowed. For more information visit the Advanced Project Structure - Modules