This page gives you an overview how to develop multiple dependent Xcode projects at once.

Local Development Environment

  • Open the first project in Xcode.
  • Save it as a new workspace (File -> Save as Workspace...)
  • Drag and Drop the second project into the workspace.

Make sure that the second project is added to the workspace and not to the first project!


Ensure that Find Implicit Dependencies is checked (Product -> Edit Scheme... -> Build).

Xcode resolves dependencies automatically between your projects and rebuilds them if needed.

Maven Build Environment

Currently, it is not possible to build a workspace with the MiOS infrastructure. The projects must be built independently and deployed to Nexus. Therefore the explicit settings, required for the maven build must still be configured. When used together with the workspace, the explicit project settings are overwritten by the workspace handling. Therefore for local development scenario, using a workspace, the project resolution is done by the workspace settings and the maven builds using the settings, configured for the projects.